Communication Motivation.

I started using two key signs with Patrick from the age of around two. Those key signs were "more" and "finished". I don't think he took much notice of me doing it but you just never know so I persevered. To get your non-verbal child to ask for something they obviously have to want it,… Continue reading Communication Motivation.

We ❤️ Minecraft.

While I've read and been told that video games have an adverse effect on children with autism we have experienced the opposite. Back when Kallan was 5 years old he became obsessed with volcanoes. This obsession did not give him much in common with his peers. In fact he rather bored them with his endless… Continue reading We ❤️ Minecraft.

Thrills, spills and ADHD pills.

In 2012 we decided to take the boys on a family holday to the Gold Coast, Queensland. It was here that we started to notice Kallan was behaving very differently to his usual self. He was usually a very quiet and sweet boy but he had become impulsive and extremely silly. We visited all of… Continue reading Thrills, spills and ADHD pills.

Four is the loneliest number.

Four years is old is the general age where your child will start kindergarten. This is a huge milestone, it's the start of their education and the place they begin to form friendships. For me four was one of the hardest and loneliest ages. My kids were included and treated well by all of their… Continue reading Four is the loneliest number.