Gluten The F Out!

August last year I found out I have a gluten intolerance. It’s a form of auto-immune disease and can be brought on by stress… hmmm.

How I discovered I was gluten intolerant started with a bush walk. The day after I got a rash on the fronts of my thighs. It was extremely red and extremely itchy. It looked like loads of tiny blisters. I assumed I had brushed up against a plant and had some type of allergic reaction to it.

A week later the rash started popping up in various places over my body. It was so itchy that I had stopped sleeping at night and was scratching it so much it was bleeding. By the end of this week my eyes started swelling up and were red and hot. I was icing them to try to get some relief.

Nothing in our house had changed, same soaps and washing powders etc, so I could work it out.

The one day I had good day in all of this where I felt some relief and when I looked through my diet realised I had not eaten gluten that day. So I went to see my GP to find out if this could be the cause.

She did blood testing to see if I had celiacs (I didn’t) but my allergy markers were severely raised so it was definitely an allergy. She suggested cutting out gluten and going back to have my allergy levels retested. So I cut it out and slowly my rash started disappearing.

After two weeks I went back and had the tests redone. My allergy markers had dropped. She told me to then go and try something with gluten in it and see how I reacted. So I went and ate the softest, fluffiest pizza roll I could find. It was delicious. By 4pm I was itching like mad and my rash was red again.

Since then I have been Gluten Free and feel so much better. At first it was hard as I gained a lot of weight, which sucks when you’ve already cut out most of the food you love! It turns out the body has trouble absorbing nutrients when you are flared up from eating gluten so once I started healing my body absorbed them like crazy. I’m happy that my body has finally balanced back out now and settled to my normal weight range.

I’ve also been able to stop taking anti-depressants. Being poisoned by gluten can also have similar symptoms to that of depression. Wether it was the gluten or mental health I’ll never know but in my self right now, the haze is gone and I feel like the old me so that’s all that truly matters.

Lastly, I do miss my Big Macs and soft fluffy bread but praise God, wine is gluten free,

Jess ๐Ÿ’™

1 thought on “Gluten The F Out!”

  1. I’ve got two auto-imune things going on (fibromyalgia & placque psoriasis) I’m surprised with all the stress that the gluten monster hasn’t struck. Maybe because I don’t eat that much bread? I’m just thankful.
    I’m pretty sure chocolate is gluten free so wine and chocolate… you’re covered ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†


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