It’s funny isn’t it, we have three kids. All boys. All three have the same parents (Jeff and I). We have raised them the same way with the same rules, yet they all couldn’t be more opposite.

Kallan is my easy going happy child, he always follows the rules. He never ever lies. He’s happy to help when ever asked. He’s the teachers pet, every teacher just loves him.

Then the next year they get my second son Campbell in their class and are shocked.

Campbell is stubborn as hell. If he doesn’t want to do something he will do anything in his power not to do it. He lies all the time and he’s actually pretty good at it. He will moan and carry on when asked to do the smallest job, unless there’s something in it for him!

Then there is Patrick, the pot stirrer. Patrick loves to get reactions so he is constantly doing things that annoy people. He thinks it’s hilarious. He’s also my most loving child full of hugs and kisses.

Having all three on the spectrum means they all have different sensory needs. This makes life hard!

Patrick is a sensory seeker. He likes things messy and loud. The other two boys have sensory aversion. They hate loud noises and wouldn’t dream of jumping in a muddy puddle.

This means that quite often the older boys can become extremely upset and annoyed by Patrick’s behaviour. He often messes up their bedrooms and is extremely loud. To get the boys attention he will squeal at them. This squealing is very high pitched, very loud and he can do it for hours.

As you can imagine there are many fights in my house between the older two boys and Patrick. I have tried to explain to them many times that he’s different and they understand but the constant noise and mess even get to me some days and I don’t have any sensory issues.

At 7 pm each night Campbell will call out ‘Patrick’s bed time’. Out of all of us Campbell has the least patience with Patrick.

Like I said at the beginning we have three boys all raised with the same rules, love and care yet all three couldn’t be more different. I know there’s a common misconception that a lot of kids on the spectrum are the same but I think my kids are proof of the saying;

Once you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism.

No two are the same,

Jess 💙

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