Eleven Years Old.

Today my 1st born is 11 years old! It’s scary how fast the years start to fly by.

I am so proud of you Kallan. You are always there to help me. Especially with Patrick. You never complain much even when sometimes the things I ask of you aren’t fun.

You are so kind and caring. The way you talk about your friends and stick up for them when something wrong happens to them is admirable.

You are so smart. If you want to learn something you research, read, watch a hundred documentaries, until you know every fact that you possibly could on the subject. I can safely say at 11 years old you are way smarter than your mother and in a few years I’m pretty sure you’ll have dad beat too!

You work hard at school and are always polite the teachers are always telling us what a joy you are to teach. You take pride in your work and think outside of the box.

During a recent project when asked to design and make a flying pig you made a pig with not only a jet pack but a full astronaut suit. You were worried because everyone else made theirs with wings. To me this just shows that you were able to not only think for yourself but just how creative and different, in a good way, you are.

Always remember you have to be different to do great things.

Love mum 💙

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