Week of pain.

I haven’t written anything for ages because I had been busy preparing for my tonsillectomy. I thought I would let you all know how it went.

7 days ago I went to the hospital for a coblation tonsillectomy. I had to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am. Everyone who is having surgery that day arrives and are seated together and called in one by one to be admitted and taken to their rooms.

I was so nervous about everything. The pain to come, the anaesthetic, everything at home being under control.

I was admitted to the surgical ward but there wasn’t a bed for me so I was put into a lounge room where another man was also waiting. I didn’t mind this as I got talking to him and we spent the next couple of hours talking, about everything in life from our children, his fully grown, to why we were in hospital. He was having cancer removed. He was a lovely man and I wished I’d found a way to stay in contact as I hope his surgery went well and he kicks cancers butt. Talking with him kept my mind off of my own up coming surgery.

Soon enough our rooms were ready and we went our seperate ways to gown up and prepare.

All set to go. 

Once I arrived in the theatre things happened very quickly. I was moved to the surgical bed, which I remember was nice and warm. The anaesthetist placed a IV in my arm and then a nurse put an oxygen mask on my face and the doctor said he was about to put me to sleep. I remember thinking ‘I’m not rea….’ BAM! I was out.

I woke up groggily in post op. A nurse was talking to me and I crossly told her “I’m not ready to wake up yet”. She laughed. I was given pain relief via IV and taken back to my room.

I tried and failed to eat some yoghurt and a jelly but was just feeling quite off, not in pain, just sick. I was however extremely thirsty.

I ended up vomiting, which was terrifying after having throat surgery but once I had that out I felt better and was able to sit up and eat a veggie frittata for tea. I thought I was doing pretty well.

That night, after the good drugs wore off, was hell. My throat was so sore and swollen. I felt like I was constantly asking for pain relief and got barely any sleep. I was also feeling upset as the hospital wanted me to leave in the morning but Jeff had needed to go into work and couldn’t pick me up until the early afternoon. I did not want to be going home alone in a taxi. I felt very sick, scared and was in a lot of pain.

The next morning they tried to get me to eat cornflakes. I felt so unwell I couldn’t attempt it. I ended up vomiting again. Which at least brought me more time in hospital. This meant I got to stay until Jeff picked me up. I was given anti-nausea medication through my IV and felt well enough to eat some beef tortellini for lunch.

The next two days at home are hell. I am like a zombie. I try to drink water and eat by it’s agony. I feel constantly sick and am still vomiting. On the Saturday Jeff rings the hospital but they say they are busy and will get back to him. They never do. On the Sunday I ring the hospital and they ask me to come back.

They change my medication and prescribe me anti-nausea medication for home.

This sums up my week.

This helps a lot. I spend the Monday in bed again. I do manage to eat some scrambled eggs and some 2minute noodles.

On Tuesday I spend half the day in bed sleeping on and off and manage to get up and move about by the afternoon. Although I’m very slow and tire easily. I manage to eat some chicken and a few chips for dinner and ice cream for lunch.

On Tuesday night I am in a lot of pain. My ears hurt a lot. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in forever. The nights seem to be the worst pain wise.

Wednesday is 6 days post op. I get up and actually get dressed today. I potter about the house doing small jobs again slowly. I manage to have a few sips of a fruit smoothie, and a bowl of pumpkin soup. That afternoon I have my post op check up with my ENT. He says I am healing well and that my tonsils were so scarred that they practically fell out during surgery. This makes me feel slightly better, I’d started questioning wether this was all worth it.

Manage to eat half a cheese burger and a few chips from McDonalds for tea. I was starving and had a massive craving. I find I eat the most at tea time as I’m just so hungry by then I think the pain of hunger outweighs the throat… food is life right?!

I feel so full from what I’ve eaten I could almost vomit…. what has happened to me?

Wednesday night is like Tuesday night. A lot of pain and sore ears again. Taking both my pain meds at night and they’re barely relieving the pain. It seems to be getting worse? Wonder if it is the scabs coming off or if it’s that I’m not drinking water constantly at night. I’m constantly drinking water all day as it helps my throats feel better.

Today is 7 days post surgery and today I have an awful taste in my mouth I can’t get rid of. I still can’t talk properly as my jaw is sore and I can’t open my mouth as much as usual. I’ve tried but can not manage to eat anything for breakfast. My throat still feels so swollen and sore. On a positive I’ve lost just over 3kgs! So I’ll be back in my skinny jeans when I am fully healed.

Hopefully that days not far away,

Jess 💙

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