It's funny isn't it, we have three kids. All boys. All three have the same parents (Jeff and I). We have raised them the same way with the same rules, yet they all couldn't be more opposite. Kallan is my easy going happy child, he always follows the rules. He never ever lies. He's happy… Continue reading DIFFERENCES.

My first piece.

I just realised I never shared the piece I wrote that got me blogging. A controversial Australian politician by the name of Pauline Hanson made a call during parliament that children with autism should be excluded from mainstream schooling. Kept in a classroom seperate from other children as they are taking up too much teacher… Continue reading My first piece.

Going out.

This week end was interesting. We decided to treat Kallan for his birthday and go out for the afternoon to get some dessert and let him spend some birthday money. We tried to be organised. Packed nappies wipes, the pram. We were getting dessert which is Paddy's favourite food so it seemed like it should… Continue reading Going out.

Eleven Years Old.

Today my 1st born is 11 years old! It's scary how fast the years start to fly by. I am so proud of you Kallan. You are always there to help me. Especially with Patrick. You never complain much even when sometimes the things I ask of you aren't fun. You are so kind and… Continue reading Eleven Years Old.

Week of pain.

I haven't written anything for ages because I had been busy preparing for my tonsillectomy. I thought I would let you all know how it went. 7 days ago I went to the hospital for a coblation tonsillectomy. I had to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am. Everyone who is having surgery that day arrives… Continue reading Week of pain.