The great debate.

I didn’t know wether to write about this topic because it tends to get people pretty worked up but it always rears its ugly head and I guess a blog is a place for me to write my opinions and not every one will always agree.

Again and again the topic comes up autism vs vaccines.

I don’t want to go in to the politics or medical side of all of it because frankly I’m not qualified to. I do know that I want to prevent my children from contracting deadly and incurable diseases which is why all three are immunised.

You know what I noticed after each of my children was immunised NOTHING!

There was no change or major regression, they had their needles, may have been a tad unsettled or grizzly but otherwise they were exactly as they were the day before.

When the anti-vax movement use my children as pawns in their debate I find it personally insulting. What they’re saying is;

“I would rather my child have Hep B, than to be like your child”.

“I would rather my child have whooping cough, than to be like your child”.

“I would rather my child have polio, than to be like your child”.

“In fact I would rather sit by a hospital bed while my child is in pain, having to watch them die an awful death from a preventable disease because the alternative is they may have turned out autistic, just like your child, if I’d immunised”.

So my children, in their eyes, are better of dead?

It’s hard not to take it personally and be offended when that’s the message that comes through loud and clear.

I can tell you right now that I would not change a thing about my children. They are amazing and I will always have their best interest in heart. Which is why I chose to immunise them.

I have always believed that autism is something my children were born with. I would assume that all three having it, its most likely a combination of mine and my husbands genetics.

I don’t get caught up in looking for the answer to ‘why?’ My focus is firmly forward, in their future,

Jess 💙

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