The poop files.

I didn’t really ever want to blog about poop. It’s not a pleasant subject but hey we all do it!

Patrick is a sensory seeker. He loves messy play and different textures, so you might guess where I am headed, playing with poop is sensory fun.


This is known as fecal smearing and is common in children on the spectrum. We went through a phase where Patrick did this every day. We used to have to dress him permanently in a onesie with his nappy on backward to prevent him gaining access to the poo. Thank goodness for kmarts huge range of onesies in large sizes!

Eventually he stopped doing it and we went back to normal clothes. So you get complacent about things. That is until you are enjoying your dinner in peace and think how lovely and quiet Patrick’s being on the lounge. Then a god awful smell drifts through the room and immediately jolts you out of your peace.

He’s got at his poop.

He is so quiet and sneaky about it. It’s all over my lounge. I’ve developed a quick method for cleaning him up now.

1. Do not yell or make a fuss, he will either find it funny and this will further encourage more smearing or he will become upset and try to run into different rooms, spreading his ‘mess’ further.

2. Grab Patrick by the arms hold his wrists together above his head in a X shape so he can’t touch me or anything else.

3. One handedly remove any clothing he has left on.

4. March him down to the bathroom. And lather his whole body in soap via a pump action bottle. Use the high pressure shower head to hose him down, so glad I have these in my bathrooms.

5. Get a bucket and fill with soapy water and let Patrick play with it in the shower, the more soap the less smell left on Pat. Plus it’s more sensory fun to keep him amused while I attack the ‘mess’.

6. Depending on where it is, it’s time to figure out how to clean the smearing. I put his clothes on a hot wash cycle in the washing machine. Tonight’s smearing is on my couch. Hurrah! I fill a bucket with warm water and use a cloth to wash off the poo.

7. Throw out the cloth.

8. My best friend. I’ve tried so many carpet cleaning products in my time. This stuff wins. I got it at Kmart, I swear I am not sponsored by them 😂.


9. Rinse the foam off as per directions.

10. Liberally spray while room with a disinfectant air freshener, like glen 20.

11. Remove Patrick from shower, dry and dress him in his onesie.


Life is back to normal. Well apart from not being able to sit on my couch tonight 😂,


Jess 💙


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