The final memeber of our family is a cute, furry small one. Rocky! Otherwise known as Rock-dog, Boss-dog or Rockalicious.

Rocky’s 1st birthday.

In 2015 my husband brought me a gorgeous Rottweiler puppy. Maggie was a beautiful dog but she grew very fast. The kids were afraid of her. She had never done anything to warrant their fear, I think it was just the sheer size of her.


They refused to play with her and wouldn’t go into the backyard at all. Maggie was sad, she wanted to be around the kids. It wasn’t fair on her and she started destroying our yard. I knew that we couldn’t keep her. It was getting too hard on all of us, especially the dog. So I found Maggie her forever home with a new family. She is so much happier in her new home where she has children that adore her.

Having no dog left a bit of a hole in my heart. While my kids are at school I’m mostly home alone and I enjoyed the companionship a dog brings. I began to research what type of dog would actually suit our family. Basing this on our lifestyle, yard and house size, children’s ages and needs. It always came back to one breed in particular, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The hard part was my husband was not on board. There was no way we were getting a small dog. So I began ringing around anyway enquiring about prices. I knew they were expensive but for the right dog I didn’t mind.

I was telling a friend about all of this and how I would need to save for the type of dog I want and she said “I’ll find you one much cheaper.” True to her word the next morning she showed me an ad. A litter had just been born 10 minutes from my house and a quarter of the price I’d originally thought I would have to pay.

I immediately rang and asked to see the puppies. I was sure they’d sell fast! When we went to look at them they were only 2 days old. Both the doggy parents lived in the same house so while I was talking with the owners the boys spent time with the father of the litter. They loved him. He was the perfect size for them not to be intimidated and very friendly and playful. I think we ended up staying nearly an hour while the boys played with the dog!

I then let the boys pick their own puppy. They wanted a boy, a tri-colour. So Rocky was picked and a deposit put down.  Now would come the tricky part, telling Jeff.


The boys and I decided it would be better to surprise Jeff when the dog got home. He kept saying he hated small dogs but deep down he’s a lover of all animals.

If we wanted any chance of Jeff loving the dog he needed a cool name. We listed off all of Jeff’s favourite movies and shows. Then we went through the list and voted until we all agreed on one name, Rocky.

We managed to keep our secret for about 3-4 weeks, until he noticed some money gone and questioned us. The game was up and we had to tell him. You could say he was extremely unhappy but when he met Rocky he came around.

Time seemed to drag waiting to take Rocky home. Then finally the day came. He was so tiny and so cute! Unbelievably cute. He settled in to our home immediately. He never cried at night, he mostly seemed pretty happy to be with us.

Rocky’s first day as an Ey.

Our only issues were he was a bit grumpy at first until he learnt his place in the family and that he has pulled up and eaten my carpet in a few rooms. Luckily he’s stopped doing that now!

When I researched the breed they were supposed to grow to about 8-10kg but our boy is a pocket rocket and seems to have stopped at around 4.5kgs. The kids love this though as they’re forever carting him around and dressing him up.

He is a part of all the kids games they play and has never snapped or growled at Patrick once. It took Rocky and Patrick awhile to learn each other. Patrick would kick or smack Rocky to get him to move or react. He has since learnt to be gentle with Rocky and that if he runs so does Rocky, no need to be rough.

He loves being on the water with us.

Rocky sleeps in bed with Kallan every night. Kallan has huge anxiety about the dark and night time. He would often wake multiple times a night calling out for help or that he could hear a noise. One night Kallan was being his usual worried self, freaking out that there were robbers outside in the dark and as a joke I said well take your guard dog to bed. He took it literally and carried Rocky off to bed with him. He never woke up at all that night.

He now sleeps with his ‘guard dog’ every night, both snuggled under the covers together and his anxiety about bedtime and sleep is gone. I haven’t heard him call out to me sine Rocky started sleeping in his bed. I have no clue what he thinks this tiny dog would do if an intruder happened to enter our house. Knowing Rocky he’d lick them to death and roll over for a tummy scratch but it keeps Kallan happy and feeling safe and we all get a good nights sleep, so I don’t ask.

Kallan and his guard dog.

The kids and I feel so lucky to have a special dog like Rocky and can’t imagine life without him. When ever the kids have a rough patch I always know they’ll have a friend in Rockalicious,

Jess. 💙


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