Tonight I watched a show called common sense, on the 9 network and it broke my heart a little.

The program shows news stories and then how different people from different work places and backgrounds react.

One of the stories was on children taking ADHD medication and the immediate reaction was ‘bad parenting’.

My heart sunk. As a mother you feel constant guilt. You always feel as though you could be doing something better and I am always questioning my ability to raise these beautiful people in my care.

If it’s parenting, then why does only one of my children take this medication?

My child is smart. I would go as far as to say gifted. With out his medication he can not display this. Why should I deprive him of the full functionality of his brain? Why as a mother should I face this stigma in the media everyday.

There has been a huge push in the media recently to legalise an illicit drug for medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been found to have so many benefits for a range of disabilities and chronic pain sufferers. Would I try it if it was proven to help my child and I had the guidance of a professional doctor. You are damn right I would. So why any different for ADHD medication.

At the end of the day I want what is best for my child. I do not want to turn him into a ‘zombie’ or make him compliant. I just want him to be able to show how smart, talented and amazing he truly is. If you want to judge me for that, be my guest. I will continue to do what is best for him and give him his medication.



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